Med-Jet Meso Jet Package

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1 x Med-jet Meso Jet
1 x CO2 gas cylinders - AFROX 5kg
1 x Protective Stand on Wheels
1 x Training 
1 x F XFC +
1 x F-XFC
1 x F-XFC+ Face 1 x F-Lift+ Face
1 x F-BTX
1 x F-Hair
1 x F-Melirutin
1 x F-Radiance
1 x F-Mesomatrix 1 x F-Silorg
1 x F-Perfect Lips 1 x F-Venostim
Smart Skin Professsional Use 500 ml
1 x Liquid Facial Wash (500 ml)
1 x Enzymatic Exfoliant (500ml)
1 x Medi Gel Mask (500ml)
1 x Medi PH Toner (500ml)
Smart Skin Aftercare
10 x Vitamin A-K Serum (50 ml)
10 x Liquid Facial Wash (100ml)
10 x Medi Gel mask (50ml)
5 x Bergamot Hair Shampoo (100ml)
5 x Smart Pro Hair Tablets (60 Tablets) 5 x Medi PH Toner (100ml)
5 x Medi Eye Cream (50ml)
5 x Smart Pre and Pro Biotic (250ml)
5 x Smart Lymph Drops (50ml)
Cleaning Starter Kit (includes the below)
1 x Ultra Sonic Cleaner the masjien
1 x Steri wise - Ultra Sonic Solution (1 Litre Bottle) 1 x Steri wise - Suction Cleaner (1 litre bottle)
1 x Steri251 Odoractant and Microbial control
1 x Steri Pouches (Pack)
1 x Sayline
1 x Syringe Luer Lock, 100 in box
1 x Disposable Needles (18G)(Box)
1 x Kleenex® MEDICAL TOWEL LARGE 1 roll
1 x Bowls
1 x Sharps Bin (5 litre bin)
1 x O-Ring Kit
60 x Nozzles
1 x Purge Stand
Marketing Material
1 x Pull Up Banner
100 x Client Brochures
100 x Post Care Booklets
Inclusion on website
Qualification required to use machine
Diploma in somatology - NQF 6
Advanced diploma in dermal aesthetics NQF 7
Health and Skincare ITEC, Cidesco Diploma

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