Anti-Aging, Skin Rejuvenation & Skin Firming

Bio revitalisation
Prevent aging
Stimulate stem cells
Prevent the formation of wrinkles
Stimulate collagen
Enlighten the tone

This formula is a skin booster with more than 63 essential nutrients, growth factors and hyaluronic acid. The main function of the product is to provide metabolites to the cells to stimulate their metabolism (production of energy, proteins and cellular growth). The growth factors stimulate the mitosis of epidermic cells and fibroblast. The hyaluronic acid improves skin volume and moisture. The gel texture is allowing a slower release of the active ingredients into the skin for a prolonged effect.

Area of application: Face, Neck, Décolleté & Hands


First Treatment
R1500 per treatment (Incl Vat)
Facial wash, Mask and Vitamin a-k serum
Needleless mesotherapy treatment
1 x 100ml Facial wash
1 x 50ml Gel mask

Follow up treatments:
R400 – R1500
Facial wash, mask and vitamin a-k serum
Needleless mesotherapy treatment

Recommended treatments and pricing subject to consultation. Number of treatments and pricing vary based on skin condition and requirements. Alternative serums may be used depending on requirements. Pricing subject to millilitres used per treatment.

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