Lipolysis (Weight Loss)

Reduce the orange peel aspect
Stimulate lipolysis
Drain and firm
Improve microcirculation
Drainage of heavy legs, double chin and fat pockets

This is the ultimate treatment to achieve the perfect body. It is acting on various mechanisms to reduce the orange peel aspect, stimulate lipolysis, drain, and firm. Only acting on all these biological processes can lead to successful results in particular for cellulite.

Vectorised hyaluronidase, artichoke and ginkgo biloba extracts eliminate the accumulated liquids charged with toxins leading to a volume and heavy leg sensation reduction.

Vectorised lipase, organic silica, and caffeine are stimulating the adipocytes to release fat (lipolysis) while L-carnitine stimulates the fat metabolism into the cells. To complete the process the melilotus is fortifying the blood vessels to avoid new cellulite accumulation, while hydrocotyle extract firms the skin to reduce flaccidity due to the volume reduction.

Area of application: Body


First Treatment
R1500 per treatment (Incl Vat)
Disinfect, clean and toner treatment
Needleless mesotherapy treatment
1 x 250ml Smart Pre-Pro Biotic
1 x 100ml  Smart Lymph Drops

Follow up treatments:
R500 – R1300
Disinfect, clean and toner treatment
Needleless mesotherapy treatment

Recommended treatments and pricing subject to consultation. Number of treatments and pricing vary based on skin condition and requirements. Alternative serums may be used depending on requirements. Pricing subject to millilitres used per treatment.
Consultation required one week before treatment.

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