Lip Plumping

Improves volume and colour

Perfect lips is a product dedicated to improve the definition and colour of the lips. The volume and hydration of the lips is increased with the hyaluronic acid and the acetyl hexapeptide-38. The peptide has a target action enhancing adipogenesis rate. This leads to a higher lipid accumulation and volume growth in the lips. VEGF, ginkgo and mustard sprouts extracts boost cutaneous blood micro-circulation to provide intense coloration of the lips.

Area of application: Lips


First Treatment
R950 per treatment (Incl Vat)
Disinfect, clean and wash treatment
Needleless mesotherapy treatment
1 x Vitamin a-k serum

Follow up treatments:
R400 – R700
Disinfect, clean and wash treatment
Needleless mesotherapy treatment

Recommended treatments and pricing subject to consultation. Number of treatments and pricing vary based on skin condition and requirements. Alternative serums may be used depending on requirements. Pricing subject to millilitres used per treatment.

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