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VEGF - Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Growth Factor
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Stimulates new blood vessels formation
Present in high levels in cutaneous wounds and multiple cell types incl keratinocytes, macrophages and fibroblasts that produce VEGF in response Improve blood vessel blood supply to hair follicle

Melilotus Extract
Natural Extract
Increase the loss of water through urine
Used for varicose veins to relieve symptoms of poor blood circulation
Relieve leg pain and heaviness, night cramps and itchiness and fluid retention Used with medicines for blood clots in veins
Used for blockage of lymphatic system

Acetyl tetrapeptide 3 & red clover extract Peptide
Source: Synthesis & Natural
Innovative and unique active complex Prevent and stop hair loss process Stimulate hair growth

Improves ECM proteins in dermal papilla for better hair anchoring Reduces damages caused by inflammation
Stimulates Collagen

Source: Synthesis
Protect skin integrity from oxidative stress
Damage repairing
Maintain metabolic activities of exposed cells
Prevent and repair daily aggressions - induced damages Anti-oxidation
Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
Reduces skin inflammation
Energizes the skin
Stimulates production of sirtuins dose dependent

Copper Peptide
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Naturally occurring human tripeptide Wound healing
Attraction of immune cells
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects Stimulation of collagen
Enlarge hair follicles
Stimulates hair growth

IDP2 Peptide
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Anti-wrinkle, skin lifting and hair growth promotion active Strengthens skin elasticity
Inducing synthesis of collagen and elastin
Healing and would repairing
Reduces and prevents lines and wrinkles by generating new skin cells Increasing cell density and longevity

Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)
Source: Natural
Deficiency results in many dermatological disorders Acts as skin conditioning agent

Provide deep penetrating moisture
Wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects Hair conditioning agent, preventing damage

Hyaluronic Acid
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Most hydrated biopolymer known
Serves as connective tissue organizer and water holding substance Free of contaminants
Essential for skin smoothness and elasticity
Important for skin renewal
Forms film on skin to hydrate topical layers of stratum corneum

Organic Sillicium
Source: Synthesis
Essential component of the skin
Interacts with structure and elastic proteins
Ensures optimal skin organization
Stimulating skin cell metabolism for enhanced cell activity
Decrease will lead to overall collapse of skin
For complete skin restructuration at all levels
Improves collagen production
Improves lipolysis, less adipocytes (fat storing cells)
Hair quality and quantity depends on presence of Sillicium in dermis

FGF - Fibroblast growth factor Growth Factor
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Glucose as raw material

Same molecular structure as human body Stimulate growth of mitogenesis of fibroblast cell Participates in skin regeneration
Increasing production of collagen and elastin Activates synthesis of hyaluronic acid

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