F-Mesomatrix Fusion Meso

Treatments Mesomatrix is used for:
Acne scaring
Scaring, stretchmarks & keloids


EGF - Epidermal growth factor Growth Factor
Source: Bio-Fermented Glucose as raw material

  • Same molecular structure as human body
  • Promote epidermis cell growth
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-Ageing
  • Brightens and removes wrinkles
  • Participates in skin regeneration through stimulation, proliferation and migration of keratinocyte, endothelial
  • cells and fibroblast

FGF - Fibroblast growth factor Growth Factor
Source: Bio-Fermentation Glucose as raw material

  • Same molecular structure as human body Stimulate growth of mitogenesis of fibroblast cell Participates in skin regeneration.
  • Increasing production of collagen and elastin Activates synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Centella asiatica extract
Natural Extract

  • Old traditional Chinese medicinal plant
  • Good antibacterial effect
  • Positive effect on scar forming process
  • Stimulate collagen l and lll and elastin biosynthesis on vascular tone Venous insufficiency and varicose veins
  • Firming, regenerating and anti-inflammatory
  • Helpful for firming, cellulite and scars

Hyaluronic Acid
Source: Bio-Fermentation

  • Most hydrated biopolymer known
  • Serves as connective tissue organizer and water holding substance Free of contaminants
  • Essential for skin smoothness and elasticity
  • Important for skin renewal
  • Forms film on skin to hydrate topical layers of stratum corneum


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