4 Key Advancements in Aesthetics

4 Key Advancements in Aesthetics

Cosmetic industry news often includes the latest aesthetic advancements, innovations, and approaches. Some advancements don’t always include the latest technology or new cosmetic devices. According to our research and monitoring of the industry, this is what we find are the four most important advancements for optimum results and success for aestheticians and medical practitioners. 

A Re-Emphasis on a Patient- Centric Approach

Of course, your patient is the most important person in the room when they’ve arrived at your clinic for their appointment. It’s a given. However, how far are you willing to go to put them at the very center of your practice? We often refer to plastic surgeons and therapists as ‘professionals’, but this word has been thrown around in the industry so much so that the meaning has almost become diluted. When it comes to medical professionalism, signified by “a set of values, behaviours, and relationships that underpin the trust the public has in doctors”, the most pivotal defining attribute is competence. This is especially true in the aesthetic world and customers will often make their decision on a practitioner based on competence alone. 

Added to the patient-centric approach is ensuring their comfort by educating them. Providing them with knowledge about certain treatments, how their skin works, or the latest technology will help them inform their decisions and also strengthen the faith they have in you as the practitioner. Noninvasive techniques, such as using needleless technology to conduct common procedures, is a trend we anticipate to see huge growth when it comes to aesthetic advancements today and in the future.   

Understanding the Melanin Production Pathway

Those in the aesthetics and beauty industry will already be aware of melanin and the role it plays in our skin. It’s a major pigment present in all humans and determines both skin and hair colour and its production is called ‘melanogenesis’. However, our research has shown that a deeper understanding of the melanin production pathway is a key aesthetic advancement necessary to deliver even better results to patients. For example, starting early treatment via chemical peels, laser, and the transdermal delivery of medical-grade cosmetic products can be crucial in preventing skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, caused by excess melanin production. Treatment with this understanding could inhibit melanogenesis and prevent the onset of hyperpigmentation. For example, products such as F-Radiance, part of our fusion vials range, is a targeted treatment for pigmentation that many dermatologists have seen huge success in.  

The Importance of the Middle-Third Area of the Face

An inaugural seminar in May 2021 saw several doctors of Ireland come together to present on the topic of how doctors are increasingly using new evidence-based techniques and therapies to bring advanced aesthetic solutions to patients. Dr. Lalloo, one of the speakers, has been administering aesthetic injections for 20 years and has performed more than 15,000 filler procedures and provided an overview of zygomatic and malar anatomy, and described the importance of the middle-third area of the face in terms of overall aesthetics.

“In the mid-cheek, we basically have five compartments: The infra-orbital; the superficial medial cheek fat; nasal labial fat; mid-cheek fat; and lateral cheek fat,” he said. “These become deficient as we age. They are an important part of mid-face volume restoration — I tend to treat these secondary to the deep pads, as generally, the deep pads give you a better result sooner, and I generally come to these pads on a second session, once I have done a volume restoration at the deep layer.”

A recognition of this by those in the industry will bolster how practitioners approach treatments when aiming to achieve superior results with those that they treat, especially with the large majority of patients seeking anti-ageing solutions.

Combination Treatments 

A 2020 study evaluated the clinical outcomes of a combination treatment approach and found that their multi-faceted use of botox, hyaluronic fillers, and skin-boosting hyaluronic fillers revealed improved facial aesthetic results. The beauty of a combination approach is attributed to the fact that “no single technology, filler, or neuromodulator can achieve all the results desired in treating the ageing face.” We anticipate clinics incorporating more holistic, combination treatments as part of their offerings so that patients are getting the most desirable results. 

We at Needleless want to help medical professionals optimise their clinics and practices and the services they offer. Incorporating needleless technology for a variety of uses and superior results is one way you can stand out. For more cosmetic industry news or information on our products, get in touch!

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