Spongillia Spicules



Mechanical micro-needling and bio-nano needling represent two distinct approaches to skin rejuvenation, each with unique methodologies and outcomes. Mechanical micro-needling involves penetrating the skin with metal needles to stimulate natural skin functions, including collagen production and the enhanced absorption of active skincare ingredients. In contrast, bio-nano needling utilises Spongilla spicules, which are smaller, finer, and purportedly cause less discomfort and reduce the risk of complications.

What is the difference between bio-nano-needling and mechanical micro-needling? 

The metal needles used in mechanical micro-needling have an average diameter of 200 microns and a length of 2000 microns, creating microscopic channels in the skin. This process aims to produce a controlled wound state that promotes healing and allows for deeper penetration of skincare products. While effective, the treatment's downsides include potential pain during the procedure, the risk of bleeding and infection, and a longer recovery time of about 5-7 days.

On the other hand, bio-nano needling with Spongilla spicules, which are only 10 microns in diameter and 300 microns in length, offers a less invasive alternative. These spicules are 99% pure, maintaining integrity throughout the extraction process. When used, they penetrate the skin quickly, with approximately 5-6 million needles entering dermally within just 7 minutes. The finer needles do not puncture blood vessels, which significantly minimises the risk of bleeding or infection. Recovery is faster, with a shorter downtime of around 1-3 days, and patients typically do not experience the discomfort associated with mechanical micro-needling.

The method of administering Bio Nano-Needling

Bio Nano-Needling begins with a thorough double cleansing and drying of the treatment area. A mixture of spongilla spicules and probiotic repair ampoule is prepared and applied with a brush, followed by gentle pressing with gloved hands. The chosen Fusion serum is then dabbed on, mixed with a vitamin A-K enriched mask, and left to absorb. The process concludes with mask removal, a final spray, and the application of a lifting mask. The entire procedure takes 15 minutes and fits perfectly within your client's lunch break. 

Why use a probiotic ampoule in combination with Spicules? 

Probiotic repair ampoule creates a balanced skin microbiome, offering deep nourishment and calming effects. This aims to reduce redness and irritation, promote faster healing, cell renewal, repair skin barriers, and provide antiviral and antifungal benefits.

Our spongilla spicules are 99% pure and are extracted from freshwater sponges.  1 gram of powder contains around 5-6 million needle like particles that penetrate dermally within 7 minutes. This creates millions of microholes, allowing deep penetration into the skin of applied serums. 

10 Reasons to use our Bio-Nano Needling treatment;

  • Up to 3000% increased absorption of active ingredients
  • Boosts epidermal thickness by 8% within a week
  • No epidermal damage; remains intact
  • Lower risk profile
  • Rapid recovery time
  • Creates 3-6 million channels
  • Reaches the dermis in 7-15 minutes
  • No blood, pain, anaesthesia cream, or electricity needed
  • Fast treatment time with low costs
  • Various different conditions treated

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