Top 5 Needleless Treatments

Top 5 Needleless Treatments

Needleless treatments are fast becoming the go-to approach for enhanced aesthetics in South Africa. A general fear of needles is normally what prevents people from receiving treatments to improve their look and overall well-being, whether for Perfect Lips or for spider veins. We’re changing the landscape of beauty treatments with innovative needle-free technology to help people feel more confident and healthy. Our top five needleless treatments will guide you in discovering what might be the best option for you. 

  • Needleless lipo injections
    Liposuction is one of the most popular beauty procedures in South Africa. However, while previous methods of lipolysis involve going under the knife with a suction tube to loosen and remove unwanted fat, needleless lipo injections are drastically different (and way less scary!). Needle-free lipolysis treatments involve normalising the lipolytic activity while also moisturising and firming the skin with market-leading cosmeceutical products. This is a super appealing option for those looking to tighten up targeted areas of their body with a minimally-invasive, highly effective approach.

  • Hair revitalisation treatments
    Our hair is a core part of our identity and, as we get older, it’s normal to notice hair loss and thinning. While this is a normal part of ageing, we are no longer obliged to simply accept it and the insecurities it can cause — now, we can do something about it. Needleless hair regrowth and revitalisation treatments repair, fortify, and stimulate hair regrowth and restore micro-circulation of the scalp. The results cannot be argued with, alongside happier individuals who can comfortably receive the treatment without any needles.

  • Anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation
    Anti-ageing aesthetic treatments normally cover methods like micro-needling to stimulate collagen production or injections for facelifts. Both approaches require needles which can deter many. However, with new needle-free technology, skin rejuvenation can be achieved just as effectively (if not more effective than conventional methods) without the fear of a needle penetrating your skin. Needleless anti-ageing treatments involve using a skin booster with 63 essential nutrients, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid — the perfect cocktail of ingredients for youthful, gorgeous skin.

  • Skin tightening
    It’s part of the ageing process to notice sagging skin that has lost its suppleness over the years. However, you no longer have to pull back parts of your face when you look in the mirror with the wish that it would stay there — needleless skin tightening treatments feature an exclusive formula that is designed to restructure and tighten the skin. These treatments work on a cellular level — something mainstream treatments can’t claim — and stimulate the mesoderm and cellular function for complete skin restructuring at all levels. After 4-6 treatments, you’ll start to love your skin again.

  • Acne and acne scarring treatments
    Acne is a common issue faced by adolescents, but it’s also common for those in their late 20s to experience bouts of breakouts and acne for the same reasons it occurred when they were teenagers. For both age groups, acne can cause severe self-esteem issues. Needleless acne treatments target oily and inflamed skin with a specialised serum with bioactive molecules, helping to improve the skin’s appearance and tighten the pores. Similarly, acne scarring can hinder the skin’s surface caused by adolescent or post-adolescent acne, which can impact an individual’s sense of self. Needle-free acne scarring treatments are now helping these groups looking for a reduction of scars and skin regeneration, all through an exclusive formula that can be applied without a needle. 

  • Many take huge pride in their appearance, and acne breakouts or a hairline that’s gradually receding can contribute to low levels of confidence. We don’t want this for you — you deserve to love what you see in the mirror each day! Needleless aesthetic treatments are the way forward for a more comfortable approach to your beauty concerns, and we can help. Discover a practice near you to kickstart your skincare journey in a needle-free way.  

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