Why Your Salon Needs Needleless Equipment

Why Your Salon Needs Needleless Equipment

The world of technology is changing all the time, which means your salon or aesthetics clinic needs to adapt to these changes, too. How can you incorporate updated, efficient salon equipment in a way that is beneficial to your clients and bolsters your salon’s overall reputation? We’re here to tell you that it starts with needleless technology — systems that are completely revolutionizing salons around the world. Here’s why many salon owners are introducing this innovative technology to their service offerings.

Recognizing the public’s fear of needles

The fear of needles is something that affects a whopping 20% of the global population, with 10% suffering from a condition known as Trypanophobia.  This irrational fear of needles either stems from a traumatic experience involving needles or is inherited from someone like a family member who also suffers from this condition. Often, people will avoid getting medical treatment due to their fear, which can be dangerous for those that need to get vaccinations or frequent injections, such as someone who relies on insulin to treat their diabetes. This also means that many aesthetic practices are missing out on a huge portion of people looking to get specific treatments that involve needles. Because of this, we’ve identified a seemingly hard-to-fill gap in the market that involves needleless salon equipment to carry out the most common beauty treatments with the same efficacy as those with conventional needles. But, this time, your clients will be way less fearful thanks to the needleless technology. 

Benefits of needleless technology for your practice 

There are multiple things we set out to achieve when we brought this brand to life. The technology we have available to salons and aesthetic clinics is truly at the forefront of innovation and could set your business apart from the rest. This is a unique offering that many will be attracted to considering the fear (that is sometimes overwhelming) associated with needles. We encourage you to appeal to the 50-something-year-old who really wants botox treatment but has been petrified of needles since day-dot. Talk to the woman in her mid-30s who has pigmentation from when she played in a hockey league and spent lots of time in the sun. Offer something simple to the executive male who just wants to address his wrinkles. There’s a whole untapped audience that you could leverage. The benefits of adding needleless technology to your salon equipment arsenal include: 

  • A safer experience, both for the therapist and patient
  • Less pain and downtime after treatment
  • A wide application range
  • Efficient absorption of the chosen injectable 
  • Scientifically-proven efficacy 
  • Adjustable and fixed dosage options
The opportunities to revolutionise your salon or aesthetics clinic are endless with this highly-effective piece of technology. Just imagine how much more attractive your menu will look with “needleless beauty treatments” added to the list. Our devices paired with our vials make a powerhouse duo, too! If you’re looking to stock our needless technology in your salon or clinic, book an appointment and we’ll take it from there.
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