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F-HAIR is a revolutionary hair growth treatment that is designed to stimulate hair follicles, improve hair density, and promote healthy hair growth. This innovative treatment utilizes a combination of advanced technologies and high- performance ingredients to provide effective and long-lasting results.

F-HAIR contains a unique blend of various ingredients that work together to nourish and stimulate the hair follicles. These ingredients help to improve circulation to the scalp, promote new hair growth, and strengthen existing hair strands.

The treatment is applied using meso-needling technique, which involves the micro injection of small amounts of the solution directly into the scalp. This technique ensures that the solution is delivered precisely where it is needed, ensuring maximum efficacy.

F-HAIR is suitable for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. It is safe, minimally invasive, and produces visible results in just a few sessions. With regular treatments, patients can expect to see improvements in hair density, texture, and overall quality.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to address hair loss, thinning hair, or other hair-related concerns, F-HAIR is the perfect solution.


Dexpanthenol (0,25%)*, hyaluronic acid MW (0,25%)*, carnosine (0,25%)*, organic siliciumn hair (0,25%)*, biotin (0,2%), pyruvic acid (0,1%), centella asiatica extract (0,1%)*, ginkgo extract (0,1%)*, copper (0,01%), iron (0,01%), magnesium (0,01%), zinc (0,01%).


- Hair revitalization & fortification.
- Thining hair.
- Hair loss.


Sold as box of 5 vials: 5 x 10ml Vials / 50ml in total 

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