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F-XFC+ formula is a sterile and isotonic solution that contains NCTC135 enhanced with growth factors and hyaluronic acid. It is designed to rejuvenate the skin by providing essential nutrients and promoting cellular regeneration. It can be used on various parts of the body including the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. The treatment usually requires multiple sessions, with results becoming visible after a few weeks.

NCTC 135(4 Minerals, 23 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 6 co- enzymes, 5 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents), EGF growth factor (1%)*, FGF growth factor (1%)*, Hyaluronic acid MW (0,5%)*.


- Revitalisation.
- Cellular nutrition.
- Prevent and reduce the signs of skin ageing. 

- Reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines.


Sold as box of 5 vials: 5 x 5ml Vials / 25ml in total 


EVIDENCE OF CLINICAL EFFICACY NCTC 135 is a mixture of ingredients derived entirely from plant or synthetic sources. It includes amino acids,

minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes and nucleic acids.

Free radicals are known to contribute to aging, and NCTC 135 contains a number of radical scavengers and quenchers that offer protection against radicals in both the aqueous part of tissue and cells. NCTC 135 is also highly effective as a moisturizer and can activate cell metabolism, including the respiratory oxygen consumption in the cell’s mitochondria, which in turn increases the production of intracellular adenosine triphosphate. This biochemical energy serves as fuel for numerous vital cell functions, such as cell division, protein synthesis, and cell locomotion.

NCTC 135 offers several benefits, including:
- scavenging of oxygen radicals and hydroxyl radicals
- stimulation of oxygen consumption and cell activity
- increase in the biosynthesis of dermal collagen
- reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
- increase in skin density, thickness, and re-epithelialization
- effective skin remodeling, for example, against scars and stretch marks.

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