Smart Skin Tissue Refining Gel

A light textured gel formulated to refine and nourish dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. Vitamin E repairs epidermal cell damage caused by irradiation. As an anti-oxidant it inhibits the formation of lipid peroxidation responsible for wrinkles. Excellent is assisting with healing problem skin types.
Excellent alternative to oil.

Skin Types
Oily/Combination, Acne

Apply morning and evenings
Apply after serums, before sunscreen

Active ingredients:
Vitamin A
Reduces inflammation (underlying factor in acne vulgaris) Normalises cell function and oil production
High in antioxidants

Vitamin E
Repair damaged skin cells
Protects skin from sun exposure, reducing effects of UV reaction on the skin.

Vitamin B2
Improves skin tone, calms redness and inflammation

Copper (Found naturally in avo oil, not a by-product)
Assist in wound healing

Improves cell integrity and hydration within the cell

Avo: Anti-wrinkle, softening & healing

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