How does needle-free technology work?

MIT Needle Free Technology injectors use CO2 or compressed air to propel a microjet of liquid six times the size of a 30-gauge needle through the skin. Instead of feeling the piercing pain of the needle, the patient only feels a slight pressure as the propelled liquid passes through the skin.

Jet injection is 6 x smaller than a 30g needle. 33g needle the smallest in general medical use.

Is needle-free technology safe?

MIT needle free technology Is globally accredited and is used around the globe. The technology Is safer for user and patient, less painful, offers wide application range, efficient absorption, accurate delivery and has scientifically proven efficacy with supporting case studies.

What do i get and what are the benefits?

You get a B12 injection administered without a needle - pain free


Prevents anaemia

Reduces anxiety

Improves your sleep

Helps boosts energy levels

Helps to improves brain function

Immune support

POA: Please enquire with the store for pricing and treatment plan

Stores offering PRP

- Ntivo Clinic