Bio Active Skin Spray

Specially formulated fine emulsion cream that lubricates
the skin to avoid premature slackening, helps maintain the
skin’s hydration rate, elasticity and suppleness. Prevents
early signs of skin ageing and combats wrinkling.

Usage: Mornings & Evenings.
Apply, gently massaging the Face and neck from the shoulders to the
chin using upward strokes until all the cream has penetrated.

For all skin types.

Active ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening & healing.
Marigold: Irritated skin, antiseptic & healing.
Chamomile: Softening, healing & toning.
Lemon: Bactericide, antiseptic & antipruritic.
Allantoin: Moisturising, soothing & healing.
Collagen & Elastin: Moisture retention, elasticity.
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic & healing.


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