Treatments F-Magistral is used for:
Double Chin
Eye Contour
Muscle Definition & Firming


Artichoke Extract
Natural Extract
Super rich in antioxidants
Slows down skins ageing
Rich in Vitamin C for healthy collagen development
Prevents oxidative stress
Contains Chemical Cynaropicrin which reduces UV ray damage Natural diuretic plant for fat treatment
Promotes renal elimination of water
Drainage of water retained in tissue
Fights against cellulite

Natural Extract
Primarily plant origin
Exhibit direct effects on cardiovascular system not based on antioxidant activity Possess antiplatelet and vasodilatory potential

Natural Extract
Regenerate Vitamin C after Free Radical Neutralization
Restoring antioxidant potential
Ability to protect skin from damage caused by advanced glycation end products Effectively modulate breakdown of collagen caused by AGEs
Provide microvascular protection and improve circulation
Defend against free radical damage

Natural Extract
Keeps skin balanced and even toned
Appeases irate tissue
Regeneration of healthy skin
Decreases formation of inflammation mediators

Organic Sillicium
Source: Synthesis
Essential component of the skin
Interacts with structure and elastic proteins
Ensures optimal skin organization
Stimulating skin cell metabolism for enhanced cell activity
Decrease will lead to overall collapse of skin
For complete skin restructuration at all levels
Improves collagen production
Improves lipolysis, less adipocytes (fat storing cells)
Hair quality and quantity depends on presence of Sillicium in dermis

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