F-Venostim Fusion Meso

Treatments F-Venotism is used for:
Perioribital veins


Phytic Acid
Source: Natural
Plant extract
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
Neutralize free radical damage
Ability to absorb certain minerals - detrimental effects on skin Works mechanically to absorb iron - loss will cause damage to DNA Gentle AHA - great for sensitive skin and rosacea

Organic Sillicium
Source: Synthesis
Essential component of the skin
Interacts with structure and elastic proteins
Ensures optimal skin organization
Stimulating skin cell metabolism for enhanced cell activity
Decrease will lead to overall collapse of skin
For complete skin restructuration at all levels
Improves collagen production
Improves lipolysis, less adipocytes (fat storing cells)
Hair quality and quantity depends on presence of Sillicium in dermis

VEGF - Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Growth Factor
Source: Bio-Fermentation
Stimulates new blood vessels formation
Present in high levels in cutaneous wounds and multiple cell types incl keratinocytes, macrophages and fibroblasts that produce VEGF in response Improve blood vessel blood supply to hair follicle

Ginkgo Extract
Natural Extract
Anti-ageing, Photoprotection, Hair color protection, Anti irritation Blood circulation stimulation
Act as antioxidants, help fight free radicals
Skin lightening effect
Combats pigmentation and age spots, maintaining lighter skin tone Increase blood flow in small blood vessels

Source: Synthesis
Helps decrease facial redness Assist with skin disorders Diminishes skin roughness

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