Muscle Defintion & Firming Treatment

Treatment Description

Reduction of body fat
Eliminate liquid retention
Reduces fat deposits
Activates lipolysis
Enhance muscle definition
A novel concept for customers desiring to improve their body shapes with safe and natural products. Muscle fit combines different active ingredients to eliminate liquid retention and reduce fat deposits. It redefines areas sensitive to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity such as abdomen, arms and thighs, by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise. Natural extracts induces adiponectin release from adipose tissue, enhancing metabolism of type I muscle fibres and mitochondrial activity. The IGF-1 growth factor stimulates the fat burning and lipolysis.
Application area: Body, Abs


First treatment
R1750 per Treatment
Disinfect, clean and toner treatment
Needleless mesotherapy treatment
Aftercare Products
1 x 250ml Smart Pre and Probiotics
1 x 100ml Smart Lymph Drops
1 x 100ml Medi PH Toner
1 x 50ml Vitamin A-K Deep penetrating serum

Follow up teatments
R1000 – R1750
Disinfect, clean and toner treatment
Needleless Mesotherapy treatment
Recommended treatments and pricing subject to consultation.
Number of treatments and pricing vary based on skin condition and requirements.
Alternative serums may be used depending on requirements.
Pricing subject to millilitres used per treatment.

Follow up treatment is two weeks after first treatment, then taken monthly

Consultation required one week before treatment