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Body Solution Bundle

Body Solution Bundle

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Experience holistic wellness with our comprehensive weight support, lymphatic drainage, and probiotic gut bundle. This bundle will boost metabolism, aid digestion, and enhance immune function with our well balanced blend of products. Achieve your health goals with natural ingredients designed to support your body's vitality and balance

Yerba Mate Weight Support Product (60 Tablets)

Introducing Smart Body Yerba Weight Support; your ultimate companion on your journey to a healthier, happier you! This powerful combination of capsules and concentrate is meticulously crafted to support your weight management goals while providing a multitude of health benefits.

Key Benefits of Yerba:

Appetite Suppression: Feel full faster and curb those cravings with our specially formulated blend, helping you stay on track with your dietary goals.

Weight Loss Promotion: Achieve your weight loss goals with ease as our formula supports your body's natural fat-burning processes.

Increased Energy: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to boundless energy! Our blend helps fight fatigue and boosts your vitality, so you can conquer your day with confidence.

Metabolism Boost: Enhance your metabolism and turn your body into a calorie-burning machine, supporting your weight loss efforts.

Mood Enhancement: Lift your spirits and ease feelings of depression with our carefully selected ingredients, promoting overall well-being and positivity.

Improved Digestion: Support a healthy digestive system and ease digestive discomfort with our blend, helping you feel lighter and more comfortable after meals.

Cholesterol Reduction: Maintain a healthy cholesterol level and support cardiovascular health with our potent formula.

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Find calm and serenity amidst life's challenges with the stress-relieving properties of our ingredients.

Antioxidant Rich: Protect your body from oxidative stress and promote cellular health with the abundance of antioxidants in our blend.

Pre-Activity and Pre-Intellectual Boost: Prepare your mind and body for physical and mental challenges ahead with the energizing effects of our formula.

Pre & Probiotic (500ml):
Drink 30-45ml daily, can be used twice daily to aid with slimming. Can be mixed with water, 100% pure fruit juice or a meal replacement shake. No refrigeration needed. Use within 6 weeks of opening.

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT providing natural bacteria needed for good health and growth in adults and children!!

100% Natural
Gmo Free
Vegan Friendly
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Dairy Free

A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that regulates and aids sensitive digestive tracts and digestive orders!!
Smart Body Pre & Pro Biotic restores the natural beneficial bacteria that the human body needs for optimum digestive and immune function. It includes a selection of herbal extracts added to the fermentation
for a daily probiotic that improves energy and overall health. Placing a huge emphasis on nature, and to stay true to this principle, this product is consortia-based. Unlike pure-culture probiotics, Smart Body Pre & Pro Biotic contain not one but many different live strains. As a result, users end up with a comprehensive probiotic that survives stomach acid 16x better than the leading brands.
Most probiotics available today contain only one or two
species of bacteria, grown as pure cultures and then freeze-
dried so that they may be kept alive. It is not a natural process
and does not contain the full range of species that microbes usually interact
with as a part of their normal life cycle. Moreover, these probiotics are grown in a sterile environment, with no competition, and so when they are introduced to the wild and variable ecosystems of the “real world”, their ability to survive is severely impeded. Smart Body pre & Pro Biotic contains probiotics that are non-freeze- dried meaning they are alive and in their natural, raw state owing to the reason why it is so effective.

Lymph Drops (50ml):
Add 20 drops to 1,5L of water twice a day
Aids in lymphatic drainage, cellulite and weight loss

The waste management team in your body consists of:
Colon: largest toxin disposal system (Deep Intestinal cleanse)
Respiratory system: waste products of cellular metabolism (carbon dioxide).
Skin: excretes cellular waste (Sweating)
Urinary system: excretes urine that consists of water and waste products of protein
Lymphatic system: transporter of toxins
Liver: most important organ for detoxification

Lymph drops aid in removal of toxins from the body, If toxins are not removed, you may experience the following:

• Chronic fatigue
• Heart problems
• Memory loss
• Premature ageing
• Skin disorders
• Arthritis
• Hormonal imbalances
• Anxiety, emotional disorders
• Headaches
• Cancers
• Auto immune diseases

What's in the box?
  • 1 x Yerba Mate Weight Support Tablets (60 Tablets)
  • 1 x Pre & Pro Biotic (500ml)
  • 1 x Lymph Drops (500ml)


Weight Support

Immune Support

Lymphatic Drainage

Appetite Suppressant

Mooh enhancement

Increased Energy

How to use

1. Take 2 Yerba Mate Tablets in the morning.

2. Drink 15 - 30ml of Probiotic daily (am &/or pm)

3. Tale 20 Drops of lymph drops in water (am & pm)

Ensure you drink sufficient water in the day: 2-3 L is recommended.

Active Ingredients

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