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Smart Skin Enzymatic Exfoliant

Smart Skin Enzymatic Exfoliant

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Exfoliating removes surface oil, dead cells and dirt, loosening acne plugs and black-heads, while accelerating new cell generation and blood circulation. Avocado oil helps soften the skin during the cleansing process leaving the skin with a healthy glowing complexion.


Natural Exfoliator

How to use

After steaming, gently massage over the whole
surface with the finger tips for 30 seconds and leave for 2 min.
Rinse well, then tone and moisturise.

Routine: Once per week (problematic skin) or Bi-Weekly

Active Ingredients

Carotenoids (precursor for Vitamin A)
Stimulates production of new skin cells, high in antioxidants and assist in shedding of dead skin cells and the removal of build up

Avocado: Natural exfoliant, Minerals and protein aid in removal of dead skin cells, Anti-wrinkle, softening & healing properties.

Chamomile: Softening, healing & toning

Ginseng: Anti-wrinkle, revitalising & toning

Vitamins A - E: Softening, healing & antioxidant

Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic & healing

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