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Smart Skin Liquid Facial Wash

Smart Skin Liquid Facial Wash

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Liquid gel wash that gently and effectively removes dirt and lifts impurities. Helps remove spots and blemishes, and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.

Great for use in combating acne.

Skin Type:


Removes dirt and lifts impurities.

Helps remove spots and blemishes

How to use

1-2 Pumps and massage face and neck in circular movements without water.
Rinse with water
Use morning and evenings.

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic acid)
Assist in stimulating collagen synthesis. Reinforce barrier function of the skin
Assisting in combating skin conditions and some disorders

Bactericidal, antiseptic
Astringent, decrease excess oil secretion Reduce inflammation
Strong antioxidant (Vitamin C)

Anti-wrinkle, softening and healing properties

Softening, refreshing and astringent

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