Smart Hair Medi Bergamot Shampoo

A carefully formulated conditioning shampoo suitable for use by the whole family. Keratin amino acid penetrates the hair cortex increasing moisture levels and plasticity. Bergamot stimulates blood flow to the follicles, increasing growth, giving it strength and shine.

Hair Types
All hair types
Stimulating hair growth
Dry & damaged hair

Apply to wet hair, massaging into scalp then Rinse well.
Apply again and massage into a foam. leave for 30seconds to 1 minute then Rinse well.
Use daily or when washing hair

Active ingredients:
Bergamot: Promotes hair growth & strength

Brightens dull hair & Prevents hair loss

St. John’s Wort:
Stimulates hair growth

Tea Tree:
Antimicrobial, antiseptic & anti-fungal

Deep penetrating, softening & healing

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