Smart Skin Medi Gel Mask

Mask contains plant extract which purifies, draws
out dirt and toxins while moisturising and
stimulating blood circulation, leaving the skin rosier
and radiant, feeling fresh, soft and relaxed

Usage: gently apply and leave on.
Routine: 2 to 3 times weekly

For all skin types.

Active ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening & healing.
Marigold:  Irritated skin, antiseptic & healing.
Lemon: Bactericide, antiseptic & antipruritic.
Msm: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & antibacterial.
Allantoin: Moisturising, soothing & healing.
Collagen & Elastin: Moisture retention, elasticity.
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic & healing.


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