Smart Hair Medi Hair Treatment

Strengthens and increases hair growth.
Stimulates & Repairs hair follicles.
Vitamin A-E enriches the hair, softens, and soothes and prevents dryness.
Avocado oil is deep penetrating for rapid absorbtion by the skin.

Hair Types
All hair types.
Dry Scalps
Hair Loss
Thinning Hair

Massage oil thoroughly on sculpt and through hair.
Use as a treatment for 30min or apply before bed, wash with shampoo in the morning.

Active ingredients:
Deep penetrating, softening & healing

Vitamins A-E:
Softening, healing & antioxidant

Tea Tree:
Antimicrobial, antiseptic & healing

Emollient & softening

Wheat germ Oil:
Antioxidant, blood circulation, hair growth

Geranium Oil:
Astringent, antiseptic

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