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Smart Skin Nourishing Night Cream

Smart Skin Nourishing Night Cream

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At night the skin cells are rebuilt and rejuvenated peaking
around 1 am. Cell proliferation is crucial to skin repair.
Formulated to optimize the repairing process, this cream
improves elasticity and retains moisture to help prevent early
signs of ageing, leaving the skin soft, nourished and revitalised.

Skin Type
Sun damaged
Dry skin


Improves elasticity

Retains moisture to help

Prevents early signs of ageing

How to use

Evening after cleansing and toning.
may also be used together with the Skin Firming Gel or Skin Tissue Refining Gel.

Active Ingredients

Lecithin (fatty acid)
Maintain cell membranes, rich in phospholipids that aid in moisture.
Penetrates the epidermal layer to carry substances right to the cell.

Vitamin A,D,E,C
Rich in antioxidants. Healing and repairing of skin cells whilst Softening the skin.
Fights inflammation and firm’s saggy skin.

Vitamin B5
Hydrates the skin, promotes elasticity
Stabilises the skins barrier function and prevents moisture loss.

Anti-wrinkle, softening & healing

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