Smart Skin Vitamin A-K Deep Penetrating Serum

Vitamin A– K enriched face serum nourishes the skin, softens and soothes, helping to lighten skin blemishes and prevent dryness. Also helps healing wounds and skin disorders naturally. Excellent results have been experienced with skin burns and nappy rash. Avocado oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin, stimulating collagen metabolism, leaving skin wrinkle free, soft and nourished. Important carrier oil for massages and other cosmetic treatments.

Usage: Morning and evenings

Active ingredients:
Avocado: Anti-wrinkle, softening and healing
Vitamins A and E: Softening, healing and anti-oxidant
Tea Tree: Antimicrobial, antiseptic and healing
Macadamia: Emollient and softening
Wheat germ oil: Anti-oxidant, improves blood circulation
Geranium oil: Astringent and antiseptic
Lavender oil: Antiseptic and softening
Mountain Salvia Oil: Anti-oxidant and antiseptic

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