All You Need To Know About Our Fusion Meso Vials

All You Need To Know About Our Fusion Meso Vials

Skincare has become remarkably sophisticated. Many companies’ core focuses are now on effective, proven results, putting the patient first, and sticking to a fool-proof ethos that sets them apart from others in the industry. Fusion Meso is one such company and their range of Fusion vials has rocked the skincare space thanks to their innovative products. We’re proud to be suppliers of this brand, bringing it to aestheticians and dermatologists around South Africa. 

Who Is Fusion Meso?

Fusion Meso is a multinational Spanish company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of aesthetic medicine skincare, beauty, and medical devices and bringing these products to market. Their target audiences are doctors, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. They set their roots in the aesthetic world in 2007 and have since provided professional solutions with high degrees of innovation in comparison to other brands. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and education is evidenced by their impressive training and R&D facilities and the products’ comparably higher concentrations of clinically-proven active ingredients than that of conventional cosmetics. Fusion Meso vials are fast on their way to becoming some of the most popular facial and cosmeceutical products used by professionals in the industry. 

The Fusion Vials and Associated Treatments

We offer three ranges of fusion vials aimed at treating the face, body, and hair. Our fusion cocktail vials for the face offer comprehensive applications to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. 

  • F-XFC: Effective bio-revitalisation for those under 40. It provides nutrition on a cellular level to prevent and reduce the signs of ageing. Packed with 6 minerals, 23 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 6 co-enzymes, 5 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents, taurine, and glutathione. 
  • F-XFC+: Also targets ageing and has the same ingredients as the F-XFC but with the addition of EGF and FGF growth factors as well as hyaluronic acid. 
  • F-XFC+ FACE: A face lift for those under 40 and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin volume. Contains DMAE, organic silica, and hyaluronic acid. 
  • F-LIFT+ FACE: Also works to lift the face for anti-ageing results with hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-10, carcinine, FGF, EGF, and TRX growth factor, EDP3 biomimetic peptide, TGP2 biomimetic peptide.  
  • F-MESOMATRIX: A highly effective treatment for the reduction of scars and stretch marks. Contains hyaluronic acid, FGF and EGF growth factor, and Centella Asiatica extract
  • F-BTX: A treatment geared towards prolonging the results of botox and reducing dynamic wrinkles. Contains hyaluronic acid, octapeptides, and pentapeptides.  
  • F-RADIANCE: A powerful treatment of photo-ageing and pigmentation conditions. Contains glutathione, retinol, vitamin C, TGP2, biomimetic peptide, acetyl glycyl beta-alanine peptide, and TRX growth factor.  
  • F-VENOSTIM: Targeted treatment to reduce couperosis and improve skin microcirculation. Packed with phytic acid, VEGF growth factor, ginkgo extract, tetrapeptide, and organic silica. 
  • F-PERFECT LIPS: A lip contouring product that improves volume and colour. Active ingredients are hyaluronic acid, VEGF growth factor, ginkgo extract, extract of organic mustard sprouts, and acetyl hexapeptide-38. 
  • F-MELIRUTIN: Effective at stimulating microcirculation and contains rutin, troxerutin, and coumarin. 

Application for Optimum Results

Using our Fusion vials for the best results possible means applying them using either the Meso Jet for dermatology, cosmetology, or mesotherapy or the Fusion Meso Xpert Pro for transdermal delivery of cosmetic products to treat a range of conditions. When it comes to superior aesthetic care, these needleless devices will deliver highly effective results while prioritising your patient’s comfort thanks to a less intimidating and less painful experience. Every clinic should consider needless equipment to stay at the forefront of their craft and offerings. The vials can also be used in conjunction with microneedling, electroporation, and Meso injections. 

If you’re looking to introduce Meso Fusion vials or needleless devices to your practice or clinic, get in touch with our team today.  

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